About I Designs


Interior design in India has reached its zenith, with opulent residences being the order of the day not just in metros but also in smaller cities and towns. Residences, as well as offices, have upped their design game blending creativity and sustainability. Interior design is an art that uniquely integrates form and function. While staying abreast of pertinent global trends, our work is rooted in a keen awareness of our environmental setting and the context we are designing in. Be it master plans, buildings, or interiors - our process focuses on newness that augments and adds value to our clients' lives and businesses.

We, at I designs, cater to both residential, as well as commercial clients; while undertaking turnkey projects with a reputable track record of over 15 years. Our expertise includes a wide array of dedicated services in designing and adorning residences, bungalows, commercial buildings, corporate offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, outhouses, farmhouses, etc. We strive to accomplish the best piece of master art for our esteemed clients.

Our goal is to create timeless spaces that are both appropriate and responsive to the client's briefing. We can work effectively and efficiently in any style, be it cutting edge contemporary to transitional or classic.

We proudly boast of owning and utilizing a design studio that is unprecedented and uses all modern and advanced processes and infrastructure to create spaces that are sophisticated in style. Our design studio is armed with the latest amenities with relevant designing software and the work environment conducive for our designing experts to come up with mesmerizing ideas. The design studio is built and adorned in such a way to give our team members a very cozy environment to explore their creativity the most. Our design studio is located amidst nature to maintain a placid working environment. Exemplary in style, our infrastructure is one of its kinds. The designs created in such a serene workplace on being executed give an unrivalled look to our projects.